Smalls is my own free personal space.

Here, I'll throw in explorations and thoughts. They are short and random. They are tryouts. 

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A simple wireframe, flow and UX
Sketch · Photoshop

I read, see, and feel a shift in the way we work together.
Does great collaboration require a single location? What is a going-to-work-tribe mentality? How might this impact real estate investors, the companies, and employees? How might we work together apart in the future? Do we benefit? 

Sunset UX

We were in the car driving the highway: driving home from the countryside back to Copenhagen. Still, some 100 km to go. Everything going pretty smoothly.

Suddenly – without notice – Google Maps led us off the highway. But why the heck?

Take a detour and read
my short reflection →


Low fidelity prototype and and high fidelity wireframes
Sketch · Principle · Photoshop


Wireframing a clash between, National Board of Health, and Ministries of Foreign Affairs – what if we had a collective and unified API to support such a service   


Quick interaction on potential poster webshop   
Figma · Premiere Pro  

A relationship and a gestalt
Photoshop · Semplice


A mock up of a new music platform 


35mm summer archive 
Premiere Pro


Artwork shot and edited for artist 
Photoshop · shoot

Still creating. Still exploring. 
Always more to come.

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