I am a user experience designer and researcher based in Copenhagen.

As a UX Designer, I strive to uncover contextual complexity from our everyday lives in order to help frame and design meaningful new digital solutions. Recently I have done so at Hello Monday


What I do

I design for meaningful relationships between people and digital experiences.

I’m focused and passionate about including the right customers in the design process, creating solutions that serve people's needs, and strikes a balance between technological opportunities and strategic business value.

Through photojournalism, I've developed skills I use to engage with people to understand their pains and gains in their life. It's an empathic exercise that helps me set aside my own assumptions about others and their very rich context. To me, photography has always helped me sharpen that lens.   

Buzzwords aside, I truly believe that having an inclusive design process is key when developing digital experiences that are inspiring and useful. Something that connects with people and builds a story.  

User-centered design
Experience mapping
Concept development
Testing and refining 

Recent work

I’ve been privileged working on cool projects for SDU (university), Playground.Global (venture capital), Google (tech company), Land Rover (car manufacturer), and OPPO (smartphone) together with Hello Monday.

Alongside being on these varied projects, I've led an internal effort on how to mature UX research and making insights actionable.  

Check out my cases here ⬎ 

I'm open
to work!

Now, I'm looking to continue this adventure. I am both interested in parttime, freelance, and fulltime. Hit me up on LinkedIn, Instagram, or send me an email.  

I would love to help you uncover complexity, frame, and design new meaningful solutions that serve people's needs.  

You can also go ahead and download my resume if you fancy. 


+45 2242 9579

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